Provides most storage space at an affordable rate. It’s very convenient and accessible to all organizations. Drive applications, easier management, and meet your IT organizational budget with the best low-level storage that HPE brings to its customers. It’s simple and affordable to use and manage. Any organization with any budget can afford it. Entry-level data storage from HPE.

NetApp Storage

NetApp Storage

Delivers solutions that help customers speed up their business processes. NetApp delivers three dimensions to storage which are speed, economics, and scalability. It offers clustering for non-disruptive operations across low, mid, and high-end unified SAN and NAS (Data ONTAP). The NetApp storage overcomes capacity management through installations with data ONTAP 7G. We are the leading NetApp distributor in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. NetApp uses controllers known as Nodes.

Dell Emc

Dell EMC Storage

Dell’s unstructured data storage makes rapid growth management less difficult. Satisfactorily combine a vast range of file and storage workloads at any scale whilst intensify the execution of the high demanding workloads. Dell storage comes with several benefits to any business. It empowers the IT department of any organization. With Dell storage, it delivers IT services up to 64% faster with current storage.

Hitachi Vantara Storage

Hitachi Storage

The future of data belongs to the innovative and those that are able to take a step ahead. As data forms the critical part of any business, companies ought to seek volatile data-driven solutions. Therefore, we understand the definition of data-driven. Some may ask why? Because of the Industrial Revolution era that we are in, we live and so everything digital. Thus, data forms a major part of our DNA.

Qnap Storage

Qnap Storage

The most affordable data storage backup. Techmind Solutions is among the leading suppliers of QNAP storage in Dubai. What is NAS? NAS is a Network-Attached Storage. Since NAS is a device for data storage, it can be used for pictures, music, and document storage. A NAS can be utilized by an individual or shared amongst a group of people, employees, or family members. The QNAP storage device is accessible on mobile phones and computers anytime. Similarly, we also provide wasabi backup storage for your data.