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Techmind Solutions has extensive solution expertise in VMware as a Vmware Reseller. Therefore, we are a partner and VMware reseller in Dubai. We Support and deliver solutions for virtualization vSAN, HCI, and VDI for businesses across Dubai and UAE. VMware offers a Hybrid cloud solution that is based on a VMware cloud foundation. It delivers consistent infrastructure and operations for any app and anywhere. It’s possible to run any application on any cloud using any device with a digital foundation that is built on VMware solutions for modern Apps, multi-cloud, digital workspace, and security. As the leading VMware reseller in Dubai, we are excited to be partnering with you in the implementation of a Hybrid cloud within your business.

Nowadays, every person is working on the go due to the disrupted working trends. As the new pandemic is dominating, all businesses were forced to migrate and digitalize. Thus, VMware provides solutions for all businesses. From small, medium to large organizations, VMWare has tailor-made solutions for all.

Vmware Solutions

VMware Solutions for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

VMware has solutions for all businesses. Small to medium-sized businesses have the ability to utilize VMware solutions. Therefore a business can leverage the VMware technology to optimize for its limited resources so that they focus on business. VMware allows your organization to protect your IT infrastructure, even as it includes supporting your business initiatives. With VMware, there is simplified IT management, reduced costs, and flexibility to support the mobile workforce. Thus, Vmware is one of the industry-leading Virtualization Platforms.

Server Consolidation – Consolidate your apps on far fewer physical servers to optimize resource utilization and deliver up to 50 percent savings in capital and operating costs.

Business Continuity – Protect your business with proven solutions that increase availability and security while simplifying business continuity and disaster recovery.

Operations Management– Simplify your IT and save money with solutions that help you manage your infrastructure, so you can stay focused on your business rather than IT. Use VMware solutions today for your business.

Desktop Management – Empower your employees by delivering flexible, anywhere any device access to applications and data.

Hybrid Cloud – Acquire infrastructure and move application workloads to the cloud with confidence on a trusted, high-performance cloud platform.

Below are a few of the  VMware Product solutions.


vCenter Server

Site Recovery Manager


Horizon 7

vSphere Standard

SphereEnterprise Plus

vSphere Platinum

VMware vSphere Essentials Kit

VMware vSphere Essentials Plus Kit

vCenter VMware Server


vCenter Server Standard

vCenter Server Enterprise

Standard Edition

Advanced Edition

Enterprise Edition






VMware Business Continuity Solutions

VMware Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions

In its endeavor to provide a cost-effective Disaster Recovery and BCP, VMware took a huge step to disaster recovery and business continuity. These solutions were put in place to enhance your organization to protect all the virtualized apps with a simplified, and automated BCDR solution. A VMware disaster recovery solution acts similarly to other backups such as Neverfail backup, Zerto Replication, and Veritas. However, there might be a small difference but that’s insignificant. VMWare has incorporated the vSphere for business continuity integration. Again, there is vSphere phone data protection and backup. Just every other backup solution, vSphere is a simplified solution for all business sizes

Connect to Remote VMware vSphere

Run nested VMware to securely connect with vSphere through vCenter Server or ESXi hosts to launch, manage, and monitor virtual machines (VMs) and physical hosts. By using an ordinary VMware hypervisor increases productivity and enhances easy transfer of Virtual Machines to and from your local PC, and also enables for sending entire VMware Cloud Foundation environments locally, perfect for testing the next big thing.

vSphere: Integrated Business Continuity

VMware vSphere has an integrated business continuity solution. This solution ensures the highest level of availability and eliminates data loss for your business-critical applications without the cost and complexity associated with long-established application-level clustering. With the use of vSphere integrated BCP, an organization is able to lower the impact of a failure by automatically restarting critical business applications available on hardware in case of a server failure. The running VMware may be moved from servers in need of maintenance anytime without any disruptions to the business.

vSphere Data Protection

The vShpere data protection is a simplified backup and recovery plan put in place by VMware. An enterprise may protect its IT infrastructure environment and simplify backup and recovery of its data and systems using VMware virtualization technologies.  Use simplified systems such as operating systems, applications, and data within the recovery time objectives (RTO) using VMware
vSphere Data Protection and VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced.

vCenter Site Recovery Manager

VMware vCenter Site recovery manager is the best solution for automated disaster recovery. An organization can drastically lower the cost, time, complexity, and unpredictability of long-established IT disaster recovery management solutions by taking merits of the inherent flexibility, agility, and efficiencies of a virtualization-enabled datacenter. It’s advisable to simplify and automate your disaster recovery plans and test them in a nondisruptive manner with VMware vCenter. A company is less likely to be affected by any downtime as the DR will be automatically started. Manual disaster recovery solutions are a thing of the past and vCenter sire recovery manager has assisted many companies to operate with reduced failures. Thus, businesses ought to have this solution with them to operate with limited glitches.

Disaster Recovery to the Cloud

VMware introduces a Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery solution plan. Enhance the benefits of VMware disaster recovery capabilities without the need for a secondary site. By using VMware disaster recovery on the cloud, you are guaranteed not to have a secondary site. Therefore, leading VMware vCloud service providers offer disaster recovery to the cloud services leveraging vSphere Replication and vCenter Site Recovery Manager. We have lots of disaster recoveries that can be utilized by an organization. At Techmind Solutions, we are not only specialists in VMware backup and DR providers, however, but we also have various solutions such as, Neverfail replication solutions, Zerto replication that can be used closely related to VMware BCDR solutions. Again, we have Veritas backup which also used the DR on the cloud.

VMware Solutions for the business

why should a company choose VMware solutions? Well, as the leading VMware reseller in Dubai, we provide you informative content for you to decide. As shown below, those are some of the reasons why you should use VMware solutions. Windows virtualization is possible with VMware. It provides a solution for IT, developers, businesses, among others.

Operate VMware, Containers, and Kubernetes clusters on a Single PC

VMware has introduced a Workstation Pro that allows you to run several VMware, OCI containers, and Kubernetes clusters at once on the same Windows machine or Linux machine. It’s easier to create a fully-featured and securely isolated Linux VMware and Windows VMs and other desktops, server, and cloud environments, complete with configurable virtual networking and network condition simulation, for use in code development, solution architecting, application testing, product demonstrations, and more.

VMware makes the following things possible:

  • Shared/Mirrored Folders
  • One-Click SSH to Linux VM
  • Run VMs with Different View Modes
  • Host/Guest File Sharing

Why Techmind Solutions?

Techmind Solutions is a VMware reseller in Dubai. Not only are we a VMware specialist, but we are leading IT Solutions in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. We have solutions that span from the remote workspace, edge computing, and hyper-converged. We have provided IT solutions for close to a decade now. Our experts are knowledgeable in every IT aspect. We have served various clients from small to large organizations. Our clientele base has more than 500+ satisfied customers that we provide with different IT needs according to their business needs.

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