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Face Recognition Based Time And Attendance System Available in Dubai. Get Access with a touch-free system.

Security has been a rising concern nowadays. However, with the introduction of the new technology of biometric recognition, a lot of illicit deals have been plummeting. Most businesses have opted to have biometric access at their premises. Thus, Techmind Solutions is among the leading companies that provide biometric face recognition-based attendance systems in Dubai and across the United Arab Emirates. A  face recognition-based attendance system records the details and faces of the person entering the building.

Using a facial recognition system, it’s easier to manage the movement of your visitors as well. While face recognition is an excellent security solution, companies are also using it to monitor the movement of various things including intruder detection via real-time alerts. So, face recognition is the best solution when you want to have a touchless access control system. Therefore, we are happy to introduce you to our various AI video alerts solution that incorporates face recognition, real-time alerts, and people counting systems. 


Touch-Free Attendance system

A lot of brands are available for face recognition. However, we offer one of the first AI-Based Computer Vision systems which will be installed at your premises with cloud access, hence, through our experts, they guide you all the way. Attendance systems are the best way to have in an organization as they give you instincts about the environment and how the employees will be behaving.

Our face recognition-based attendance system is affordable as it uses existing infrastructure.

  • Use existing Cameras to perform Attendance Management
  • Touch-Free operation
  • Easily enroll with a passport photo
  • Process 1 attendance in less than a second
  • Save up to 20 min per shift
  • Eliminates proxy attendance

Face recognition based attendance system

Attendance systems range from physical items like cards to biometric attendance using fingerprint or face recognition. The emerging of Artificial Intelligence saw an upsurge in the use of smart attendance systems using face recognition technology. This facial recognition reduces company costs as employee attendance is tracked and used in Payroll. Since cards can be lost or misplaced, this can cause a security threat to businesses. Techmind Solution supplies and does the installation of the face attendance system as per customer needs.

Through our dedicated and committed staff, we offer you 24/7 support. Thus, we guarantee you 100% commitment to supporting your business on the face-based attendance system. Due to the paradigm shift in technology, most businesses are shifting from physical time attendance systems such as security guards to AI-based access control systems. There are various reasons for the use of biometric face recognition systems, some of them include security. A biometric recognition implies the use of body parts to gain access or resources. Therefore, this is the most secure form of attendance solution.

Automatic attendance system using face recognition

Normally when a person enters a building, the face should be automatically detected and granted access should it matches the stated parameters in the system. Hence, this technology makes sure that there is no unauthorized access to the premises. It produces accurate reports as there is no human intervention with the system. Thus, a face attendance system is a must-have system in your business for security and monitoring the time attendance of your employees. No employee will give excuses as the face attendance system will produce reports accordingly without any alteration.

Geofencing System

Geofencing and Face Recognition

A geofencing and face recognition attendance system with easy access via a mobile app can help to improve employee engagement as well as streamline time and attendance processes. This brings lots of advantages to an organization as no time is wasted. Employees only log in by the time they reach the office. There is no advance signing or logging on behalf of someone. The removal of legacy means of logging in helps in tracking and reporting performance. With a geo-fencing face recognition system, there is no need for a special device. Any device, apple or android phone, or tablet is sufficient to access the mobile app. An employee just needs access to a smartphone and they are good to go. After installing the mobile app, an employee can view their schedules.

Geofencing System

Face Recognition using a Mobile App

Not so long ago was bad data a problem. However, with the change of things in the world, so does technology. Thus, bad data is now useful for prediction and reporting purposes. The use of radius in face recognition is a great step in ending malicious sign-in on attendance systems. Today, the internet of things (IoT) is widely used as a marketing platform. many businesses are now able to track their customers through the use of GPS. Businesses connect with consumers by creatively exploiting information made available by the IoT and using geofencing techniques. These techniques make it easier for businesses to identify the movement of consumers in real-time provided their GPS is enabled. Thus, when used for employee attendance, it gives accurate data and insights. All employees when logging in to their system, the GPS indicates their place of signing in.

Why Geofencing?

Geo-fencing as the name suggests is a technology that utilizes GPS to define a virtual boundary, or “fence,” to be put around any location(s). Thus, when employees are doing facial recognition, their boundaries are pre-defined. Any login from unknown boundaries is deemed unsuccessful. Likewise, this increases the accuracy of a system for attendance using facial recognition. Therefore, below are some of the main benefits of using an attendance system with geofencing:

a. Eliminates outdated physical logins – Geofencing makes it easier for your employees to access their time attendance on a mobile App. This reduces out-of-date information as the mobile App receives updates regularly.

b. No need to wait in a Queue – As employees and staff will be having access to a mobile app, there is no need to wait in line to register attendance. Even if a person forgets their badges home, geofencing deals away with these hustles. Employees get access through a click.

c. Accuracy and reliability – With geofencing facial recognition, you are certain that the employees will be at the office when they clock in. Geo-fencing restricts staff and gadgets from reporting face attendances using location on a map. It allows every location to be secure with a geofencing radius. This gives accurate details and improves the degree of accuracy.

d. Eliminates Buddy Punching – Through the use of face recognition, no one employee can log in for the other. This eliminates fraud cases.

Why Face Recognition Attendance System?

  • Error-free
  • Accurate results
  • Seamless integration with other systems thru our Open API.
  • Safe entry to work
  • Online Easily track employee attendance.
  • Mobile App

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