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Dubai best and affordable remote workspace solutions provider. Hyper-converged, remote desktop solutions, virtualization and cross-platform solution for running Windows and Mac.



Why Remote Workspace Solutions?

As the world continues to fight Covid-19 pandemic, majority of the companies were forced to adopt the new normal of working from home. Whilst working from home is interesting, there is need for a proper remote workspace for the workforce to collaborate from. So, at Techmind Solutions, we provide you with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud HCI, Parallels Remote Application Systems and Hyper-converged solutions that make sure your staff are comfortable and enjoying their work from the comfort of their homes. Productivity is one of the most measured skills in any workplace. All business nowadays are operating at higher and faster speeds, hence, there is need to have solutions that supports the business speeds. Having desktop and applications under one license is one of the best yet affordable solutions to operate.

adopt Nutanix enterprise cloud solutions. This solution offers modern and software-defined solution that offers IT resources integration all in one. All integrated IT resources can run any application at the same time while distribute accurate consumer-grade simplicity. Through Nutanix enterprise cloud architecture, infrastructure management is made easy.


What are the benefits of remote workspace solutions?

  1. Remote Access

Remote workplace allows your users to have exciting and excellent experience. It will allow  them to have access to their virtual desktops anytime of the day. They can also access their files and work on them at anytime and anywhere in the world.

  1. Affordable
  2. Central management


  • Reduces rack space through integrating solutions.
  • Hyper-Converged Technology that offers combined storage, compute, virtualization and networking all in one.

Parallels Remote Application System?

  • Offer IT Agility in real time.
  • Convenient Remote Working- allows your staff to access and switch between application anytime and from anywhere.
  • Centralized and managed data access to enhance data security- it’s quantum for organizations to safeguard their data as loss will end up in gigantic costs.
  • Run Windows on your Mac, iPad etc.

What Techmind Can Do For Your Business

  • We make sure your infrastructure, applications and cloud solutions are operating from one platform.
  • We integrate your virtualization, compute storage into a single platform offering you the best cloud platform for your business.
  • Make sure you access your data, files

Who can use remote workspace solutions?

  • This remote solution can be adopted by any business who want to leverage on technology and obtain the best from working remotely. With its ability to allow your staff to operate and get files from virtual desktops, it is easier for them to collaborate and interact from any device, OS and location at anytime of the day.