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Remote access to all your files from Google Cloud Storage.

If you are looking to having all your files on the go, then consider using the Google cloud platform. This platform offers access to individuals and businesses from anywhere in the world. People are able to save, upload, and retrieve their documents, emails, photos, and many other things using different devices. There is no limit to the amount of data that can be kept by Google. Thus, Google cloud storage offers billions of storage space. In order to stay safe from natural hazards that cause data losses, an organization ought to invest in Google storage.

Google Storage Platform

Google Storage Platform

People normally confuse Google Drive with Google storage platform. The two save different purposes but are closely related. Google storage allows companies to store as many Gigabytes of data as possible and retrieve the data at any time. Google can be used as a backup and archive of data by companies and individuals. Cloud storage can be used for any workload as it saves costs without hindering performance. It stores data across various storage classes. There is a need to identify a class that matches your present use, then reconfigure for cost savings. 

Why Google Storage?

The use of Google will bring many benefits to your business. It helps in transitioning to lower-cost. When you set up the object lifecycle management, it will automatically change to lower-cost storage and this allows you to meet your specified criteria. Just like AWS services, Google offers several redundancy options. Cloud storage has a growing list of storage bucket locations where you can keep your data with several automatic redundancy options. Whether you are optimizing for split-second response time or creating an agile disaster recovery plan, customize where and how you store your data.

It’s critical to have a plan for your data. Since traditional data storage is not secure such as the use of HDD storage and external hard drives, Google provides easy data transfer to the cloud. Although there are other storage methods such as servers. HP server storage and Dell server storage among others. These storage methods require cloud backup storage as well. Therefore, a storage transfer service for on-premise data offers scalability and speed you need to simplify the data transfer process. If you need to transfer your data in an offline mode, there is a Transfer Appliance which is a shippable storage server that sits in the data center and ships to an ingest place where the data is sent to cloud storage.

So, are you thinking of using Google Cloud for your data storage, backup, and archiving?

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