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People Counting Systems in Real-time Business- Allow us to help you improve your Return On Investment.

Knowing the number of visitors and employees at your business premises in real-time is critical. Headcount the number of people in your business area with our people counting system. We provide people counting system solutions in Dubai, UAE. Let us do the work for you. Automated reporting solutions available at your convenient time. As the new normal has taken the world by storm, every business ought to adjust to this normal. With a human counting system, it’s possible to manage and maintain distance among customers for their safety.

Through the use of embedded sensors at the entrances, companies are able to headcount every footfall by their entrance and exit points. People counting machines can be used in conjunction with video signages and display walls. Offer information to your customers in real-time and alert them when it will be safer for them to visit your businesses. It’s your responsibility to safeguard the safety and health of your customers.

Footfall Count

Human Counter Sensor| Person Counter Sensor

Catch your customer’s whole journey with our real-time video alerts from entry to exit. Be in charge of all your business space, machines, and users in a single spot. Get trailblazing reports for your business operations. Make wiser and meaningful solutions through our people count report analytics solutions. Don’t let any anonymous person leave your company without identification and audit trail. It’s always good to know why visit your business and the times during which they visit. This helps you plan accordingly.

Footfall Counter | People Counting System

Don’t let your customers abandon their shopping baskets. Walk with your customer all the way from the entrance to the exit. Use the captured data to improving customers’ shopping experience. Help increase your customer satisfaction by designing solutions that reduce their queue waiting time. A customer counting system can be used by any business. For those in fuel businesses, use a people count to determine peak times and assign enough staff to handle the queue. Once you lose one customer, it’s very tough to retain that client. Losing a client is easier than gaining one.

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Camera Count

People Counting Camera | Hikvision People Counting Camera

Do you mind us help you increase your ROI together? Have a people counting device installed at your premises to determine the number of people visiting you. Optimize your business operations and return your customers today. Using a person counter sensor helps you to segment your data accordingly. Companies can maximize on demographic analysis for marketing their products. Count people as they enter and leave your business. There are different cameras that can be used for human counting. Among them is the Hikvision people counting camera. It offers crystal clear images that are not blurred. This solution uses the face recognition solution.

People Counting System & Predictive Analysis

Get comprehensive reports for decision making from us. Techmind Solutions uses Artificial intelligence-powered analytics to help businesses decide what’s best for their operations. Use real data to predict and increase your profits. Our reports are customized according to client needs. Jump into people’s counting systems solutions for fast and sophisticated reports. We are here to help you with extracting data from your business customer heat maps and give you information that you can maximize to beat your competitors. If you want to remain the leader in your industry, then get in touch with us for a free consultation. People counting systems are the leading custom retain solutions.

Footfall Counter

Who should implement people count systems in Dubai and across the globe?

  • Banking System
  • Retailers
  • Manufacturing
  • Airport terminals
  • Metro stations
  • Etc

Managing the flow of queues in terminals using your staff may be very costly. So, to diminish the operational costs, it’s wiser to deploy a human counting system at your huddle terminals. The Hikvision counting camera can be used in harsh and smooth places for capturing and counting your customers. We can integrate the people counting machine with our predictive analytics dashboards to automate reports for you. These human counting sensors improve your operational efficiencies whilst reducing costs. Techmind Solutions is the best people counting systems supplier in Dubai. We guarantee you unsurpassed results from our system.


Benefits of Customer Counter Devices

  • Automated reports
  • Demographic data available
  • Know when to market your products
  • Identify the number of people who enter and leave your building.
  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Reduces costs
  • Ability to make an informed decision
  • Improves ROI

A superfluity of merits can be achieved from the use of people counters. Due to the need to be ahead of your competitors, it’s mandatory that you know the number of people that visit your premises. Knowing the footfall will aid you in making decisions that are abrupt. With the world ever-changing, so are the buying patterns for the customers. The integration of the human counting system to the reporting dashboard even provides you the finest information. People counting systems do not only benefit the business but the customers as well. The use of these customer counters allows customers to be notified of crucial events that will be happening. For instance, retail companies can use footfall counters for marketing. Promotions and discount offer that lures the clients will be a benefit to customers.

Why Techmind Solutions?

Experts with more than 20 years in IT specializing in AI. Predictive analysis is our strength and we are here to help your business grow. We walk with you all the way and train you to use the customer counting system. Apart from that, you are guaranteed improved business and reduction in costs as you are able to make informed decisions. As the leading IT Solutions provider in Dubai, we pride ourselves on quality and delivery.

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