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Meeting Room Solutions Dubai

Leading provider of the best meeting and boardroom AV solutions in Dubai. Offers the latest solutions technology to your conference and boardroom meetings. Switchers, control systems as well as wireless presenters. 

Techmind Solutions as the leading technology solutions provider in Dubai, it offers the best deal for your meeting and boardroom conference solutions. We provide smart and user-friendly meeting room solutions that guarantee you the best collaboration experience with your team anywhere in the world. With our meeting and boardroom solutions, we eliminate competing for meeting room challenges at workplaces. For we know the importance of quality and crystal clear videos and audios during meetings, our expert team got you covered with our latest technology solutions for your boardroom and meeting conference solutions.

Thus, we promise you an excellent superb experience with our conference meeting solutions. Every conference meeting should yield unsurpassed results, and with our meeting room solutions, we make sure you have an unforgettable experience. We offer world-class solutions in Dubai and across many other places including UAE. Our boardroom technology solutions come in different types. We have audiovisual (AV), boardroom meeting solutions, wireless control systems, switchers, and control systems for the best meeting rooms’ experience ever.

Our meeting solutions guarantee you that you make a lasting impression on your clients in the conference meeting. There are no glitches whatsoever on these meeting rooms solutions. We pride ourselves on quality and customer delight as we offer our best meeting room solutions.  Meeting hick-ups will be a thing of the past with Techmind Solutions conference and boardroom meeting solutions. You have no reason not to partner with us as we lead the conference meeting and boardroom solutions technology space in Dubai and across UAE.

Conference Room Solutions

Techmind offers you the best conference meeting space solutions in Dubai and across UAE. We provide solutions that cater to a small group of people to large groups. Our boardroom solutions eliminate the need to switch positions when making a presentation. We use switchers to make sure that every participant does not need to shift to be able to connect the machine to the projecting device. With our conference meeting rooms, we make sure that we turn your ordinary meeting space into a strategic virtual room where crucial meetings are conveyed. It is quantum to have proper meeting solutions that reward you better than anything. So, we offer the best conference meeting rooms in Dubai for your business. Give your business the significance it deserves through our conference and boardroom meetings solutions.

Meeting Room Control Systems

Apart from having crystal clear audios and videos, it is also vital to make sure that the meeting is being held in a conducive environment. Through our meeting room solutions, we offer room control solutions. It is easier to control the room temperature and lights with technology. Thus, our meeting and boardroom solutions come with control systems. These control systems are for light and room temperature. The meeting room should have enough lighting and temperature. There is no need to be moving during the meeting to switch on lights or open windows or curtains. We give you a complete solution that allows you to take control of everything whilst sitting.

We offer audio and video conference meeting room solutions

Digital signage

This allows you to have the best experience whereby all your connected participants are able to share their meeting contributions directly to the e-signage wall. We have convenient digital signage solutions in Dubai and across UAE. Our digital signage makes it easier for the presenter to pick-up from previous presentations without the need to use email. This digital signage solution comes with a QR code. This makes it easier to conduct a presentation from the phone or any device.

Control Systems

This system lets you manage your presentation from the comfort of your chair. The control systems come with light and room control systems. They make sure you adjust your room and light temperature and brightness for your meetings to go as desired. In addition, the control systems have HDMI cables and ports that make it easier for participants to make presentations without changing their sitting positions. Thus, this reduces confusion and saves time during the meeting presentations. So, we provide the best meeting control systems in Dubai and across UAE.

Video switching solution
Meeting room solutions Through our best video switchers in Dubai, we have you covered when conducting your valuable meetings. The switcher comes with several input ports. This allows a single output at a time from the various input sources. Thus, more participants can connect but the presenter will select the device that should project. This saves time because participants do not have to shift from their places to be able to connect their laptops to the presenting device.

Additionally, this allows the meeting presenters to select the input source to display. More than 2 devices can be connected at once and the participants have control of which device should display the output first. To understand more about video switchers, follow the link.

Meeting room solutions | Conference rooms

Meetings take place anywhere and in any organization. No amount of time is worth to be wasted during conference meetings. So, as Techmind Solutions, we provide conference room solutions to any business. We have solutions for the hotel conference room, school conference room, and meeting rooms.

A Meeting conference can be held on various platforms. Some of the platforms that can be used to conduct a meeting are Hello Messenger and Logitech platforms among others. In addition to these, we also have Barco video conference solutions which can be used in a meeting room. Again, Polycom and Konftel camera to make your meeting room exquisite and marvellous to conduct your online meetings.

You can visit our video conference solutions as well to help you chose the best solution for your board meeting.

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